Spring in the Heart

seasons spring May 18, 2022
Spring Seasonal Shift and Connecting to the Changes

As spring arrives in any hemisphere it is always received with great hope and anticipation. One might ask where this hope springs from? Where do these forces arise? The clue is in the growing light, the Sun. The answer would be from the realm of the heart - our inner sun. As class 7 embarks on their Physiology Main Lesson we have a chance to revisit the very beautiful and special organ of the body and are reminded of its wonder.

The heart is our central organ of rhythm. It is through the heart that we know and appreciate rhythm as a human being, that we appreciate music and dance and the beauty of numbers. When we ascribe a rhythm to anything we want to learn, we have a much better chance of remembering it, as it soon becomes part of our whole being.

As we learn more and more about this phenomenal organ, we know that in just one minute all the blood in our entire body has been through the heart. Not just through and out again. For the briefest of moments it comes to a rest and there it shares all its secrets to the heart that listens with perception and sensitivity. The heart is forever sensing and harmonizing all of the body’s organs as it receives blood from them and then duly informs the brain of the processes required to respond. It is the heart that actually takes the time to understand and comprehend what needs to be done. Truly it is an organ of perception. The heart has its own endocrine glands and its own nervous system with neuro- transmitters in addition to an electromagnetic field that is far bigger than that of the brain.The heart therefore is truly a three fold organ of will in its movement, feeling in its perception and thinking in its sensing.

Our knowledge of the heart is expressed in our everyday language when we say “those were heart-felt words” or “I know it in my heart” - Knowing and feeling are expressed as one. To “listen with one's heart” and to “speak from the heart” are two modern day challenges.

What is it that we can do for our heart that serves us so selflessly? It is the very thing that it does for us that we can do for it, that will bring healing and health - and that is to establish, maintain and honor rhythm in our lives, this nourishes the very health of the heart. When we participate in a healthy rhythm of life, where we are able to really breathe, our younger children, whose rhythmic sys- tems are still forming, imitate this outer rhythm which forms their inner one. We are then teaching our children how to breathe. Steiner stated that this was one of the very important tasks of a Child's teacher.

As the sun grows brighter and we find assurance and joy in its reliable and faithful rhythm, let us be inspired to examine the rhythms and routines that govern our lives and endeavor to bring about a more steady, peaceful calm that will bring us renewed life forces.  

~ Bridgette Siepker (Seasons of Seven Teacher)

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