When we began Seasons of Seven, our mission was three fold. We wanted to bring families a beautiful education at a reasonable cost.  We also wanted our teachers to be paid well for their work. We are pleased that this aim has been fulfilled. We had another dream on our heart. We wanted to eventually be able to offer financial aid, allowing us to help even more families. 

Becoming part of Auriel's Light carves a path allowing the dream of offering financial aid be a reality.  We need your help. 

Seasons of Seven operates with a very low profit margin. Our team works so hard, from our teachers, director and success team. When everyone is paid, it doesn't leave us much wiggle room to help those in need. 

Auriel's Light is a 508c1A and your donations help reinforce our dream to bring a Steiner centered education to many more families.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation today.