Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most asked questions. If you still have questions after reading then feel free to drop us a note. 

What is it? Seasons of Seven is a hybrid model encouraging community and connection between our teachers and students. We offer full classes for grades kindergarten through twelfth  grade and enrichment classes for all grades including handwork, foreign language, movement and much more.  The school has a strong Waldorf inspired foundation and our teachers will bring the curriculum content in a living way.  

What exactly does that mean?  Each of our classes is a combination of pre-recorded AND Zoom community time. The lessons are generally delivered by the teacher in a pre-recorded format. Classes come together 1-4 times per week depending on age and need to have community, play games, discuss the week's lessons, get help from the teacher, get to know their classmates, work on projects together, etc.  Both pieces are equally important and are an integral part of how our school functions. 

We bring lessons together with teacher connection to bring something truly unique and not seen in many other places. Inspired by work being done by amazing teachers like David Sewell McCann (Sparkle Stories & How to Story), Meredith Markow (How to Story),  and Jamie York (Making Math Meaningful), we have taken their ideas a few steps further to bring you a full school model - right into your home.  Imagine feeling really good about school for your child this year. Picture yourself traveling with your family and still getting school in. Imagine sorting out how to work from home and tend to your child’s education. Imagine peace and connection. 

What time are the Zoom calls? This will vary by teacher. All teachers have their Zoom times listed right in their classes. You can see the class schedules with Zooms HERE.

Who are our teachers? Our teachers come from very diverse backgrounds, for more information on their specific talents please see our teacher's page. We have high standards and expectations (and we background checked them!) We searched the world for teachers and have been so pleased with those we have hired. 

How are your teachers paid? Teachers making a living wage is one the the key pieces of our framework. Having a small staff enables us to keep costs down.

What will this cost? We have all of that on our class page along with the class description and the Zoom times, HERE.

Can you take funds from California charter schools? At this time we are not accepting charters funds. We will revisit accepting charter funds for the 2021-22 school year.

Can you take funds from Arizona ESA through ClassWallet? Yes but please email us first. ClassWallet charges us 2.5% and that will be invoiced to families separately and will be the family responsibility to pay.

Are you accredited? We are not seeking accreditation, we are redefining education. 

Is this a Covid school? NO! While the turmoil of Covid was the catalyst that brought Seasons of Seven forward, we will not be shutting our doors when the masks come off and the social distancing ends.   For many years teachers have been seeking flexible ways to make a living wage and for just as long, families have been seeking an affordable way to bring this education to their children.  We plan to grow our community. Join us!


Tell me more about the curriculum. The Waldorf curriculum is a set of indications given about 100 years ago by a man named Rudolf Steiner. He was a man with many projects and ideas, but one of his legacies is Waldorf education. The curriculum brings specific content to children when they are developmentally ready. This is not a religious school, but it is also not a secular school. If you have questions about the spiritual nature of Waldorf, we have a great article HERE. There is a sample Waldorf curriculum chart HERE to give you an example of the work your child may be doing.  Seasons of Seven brings a Waldorf inspired education to the families we serve worldwide.


What is available? That is an exciting question and one we love answering!

  • Early Childhood & Parent Education:  full year
  • Kindergarten 1&2:  full year
  • Class/Grade 1-12:  full year
  • French
  • Enrichment classes: - Handwork, Eurythmy, ASL and Music!

Can I see a calendar of your academic year?  Yes, there is one linked below.

I am considering signing up, what do I need to know?  Our student and family guidelines follow.


All students and families must adhere to the following:

  • All Application fees, registration fees, and tuition fees are completely non-refundable.  See below for more information. 
  • Families are homeschoolers and must register and/or meet their required State/Country Laws. United States Homeschool Laws can be found at While we are a cooperative of teachers, we are not an accredited school at this time.
  • All students will be placed in the grade/class based on their age and Steiner’s placement guidelines, there will be no exceptions.
  • We believe that all students have a right to a safe and healthy school environment. All students, teachers, staff and families should treat each other with kindness and respect regardless of differing beliefs, views and opinions.
  • All work and communication must be respectful. Profanity, racism, bullying, harassment and pornography will not be tolerated.
  • All course materials can be used for the student registered for the class and can not be reproduced or shared with any other student. 
  • Parents and students are responsible for the success of their student’s learning. Teachers are expected to provide the lessons based on Steiner's pedagogy
  • Parents and students are expected to do the work and stay up to date with class assignments. Our classes are not set up to go at your own pace, they are set up to run on a schedule to cover all material for that class period. Lessons will only be visible for 15-30 days and then removed. It is imperative that you treat this as you would an in person class. For the success of your student and your experience with the course, regular contact with the teacher is recommended. 
  • Each teacher will provide evaluations for each class, provided your child turns in consistent work.  
  • The parent is responsible for keeping all lesson books and records you may need to meet your State/Country homeschool requirements. 
  • Class teachers will follow a 36 week schedule, if your State/Country homeschool laws require more days or time you are required to fulfill those requirements independently. 
  • Seasons of Seven does not provide Standardized testing. If testing is a requirement for your State/Country, parents are responsible for seeking these resources.


Seasons of Seven strives to support our teachers and families in the best way possible. We work hard to keep our overhead costs low to allow most of the funds received to go straight to our amazing teachers. The registration fee covers Admin support and technology expenses.  All payments are non-refundable to cover these areas.  All Tuition is also non-refundable.  The only time tuition payments will be refunded is if a course is cancelled by the administration team. 

These terms of service are subject to change as needs arise to meet the standards of our school.  


Still have questions?  Drop us a note, again, we really appreciate you reading through the FAQs, it helps keep our admin costs down and in turn the tuition costs reasonable. Email us

[email protected]