Summer Classes begin in July!

Summer Parenting Class with Ms. Tiffany

  • Zoom Meeting 3pm PT Wednesdays (July 5, 12, 19 26 and August 9, 16, 23) 7 weeks total
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Have you wanted to learn more about Waldorf Education, holistic Waldorf parenting, the four temperaments and child development? Do you want to have a more harmonious home with rhythm and discipline? Have you also wanted to be a part of a community and share with others your experiences as well as learn from others? If so I would love to have you join our Holistic Parenting Summer Study. This class is for adults with children in both grades and early childhood.

We will be reading and sharing from the following two books:

1) Soul of Discipline: The Simplicity Parenting Approach to Warm, Firm, and Calm Guidance-From Toddlers to Teens by Kim John Payne
2) Authentic Parenting: A Four-Temperaments Guide to Understanding Your Child and Yourself by Bari Borsky

Sun Garden-Bridging Summer Rhythm with Ms. Tiffany

  • Children’s Zoom Mondays at 10am PT (July 10-28 and August 7-25) 6 weeks total
  • Parent Zoom Wednesdays at 2pm PT  (July 10-28 and August 7-25) 6 weeks total 
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Welcome to the Sun Garden, a class full of beauty, rhythm and fun activities for the summer-time. This class is for the rising Kinder, Grade One or Grade Two student that is looking for fun things to do to bridge their time from one school year to the next while keeping a weekly rhythm.This class will provide parents and caregivers with three full weeks of summer-time activity curriculum for the July and August months (July 10-28 and August 7-25). This curriculum will not be focused on academics as those are at rest during the summer, however it will focus on story telling and puppet plays, handwork, painting, modeling with different materials, drawing, a knitting project, and sewing. We will also focus on movement and I will share different outside activity suggestions, hiking prompts and fun verses for jump roping. For larger projects we be tie-dying, wet felting and creating a summer long alphabet project to use in future classes.

This class will allow the children to continue work with proprioception, vestibular senses, and fine and gross motor skills. All skills that should be utilized weekly until school begins again in the fall. We will also have a one a week social Zoom where we will play fun games, guess riddles and share our projects.This class also supports the parents and caregivers of the children enrolled. We will have a separate Zoom meeting weekly and be sharing in community building activities and have discussions and readings how to bring more Holistic Waldorf Parenting into your home. We will also be participating in summer time festival life and will share some handwork projects adults can work on too over the summer months.

I hope you will join me in Sun Garden as we bring love and light to your child as well as a solid rhythm over the summer months. I look forward to bringing fun and engaging activities to your child as well as helping you along your journey of Holistic Waldorf parenting as you bridge between kinder or into the Grade years and set up for a successful start to the fall semester.

Rising 6th grader: Lovely Earth with Ms. Daniela

  • Live Video Classes via Zoom
    Wednesdays @ 10 am PST
    (July 12th , July 19th , July 26th, and Aug 2nd )

  • Pre-Recorded Elements
    One pre-recorded video with supporting information in JPG or PDF (if applicable)
    Released every Monday morning
    (July 10th , July 17th , July 24th, and July 31st )

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During this summer class offering, students will work with wool felt and roving to create a model of the globe with gesture forms of the oceans and the continents. In the process, rising 6th grade students will begin developing a relationship to the Earth leading up to the geology, mineralogy, and earth-centered astronomy main lesson experiences coming their way in the school year ahead. Our class will carry us on the wings of stories and verses inspired by Earth’s beauty while our hands create these pieces of wool art, and our hearts reach out to each other as we discover where on our woolen models our class friends live.

American Sign Language for Parents of Young Children with Ms. Rebecca

6 week course:

  • July 10th 2023 to August 18, 2023
  • Day of the week: Saturday
  • Time: 10am PST - 10:45 PST 
  • Office hour will directly follow the class.
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This course is designed for parents of young children ages 0-6 who want to learn American Sign Language (ASL) to use with their children. The classes will be geared towards parents learning ASL to bring to their children. Your children are welcome to come to the zoom, but it is not required. The course will focus on teaching basic ASL vocabulary, including songs, rhymes, and phrases related to daily life events such as mealtime, getting dressed, and going to bed. In addition to learning vocabulary, parents will also learn how to incorporate ASL into playful activities with their children. The class will have 2 parts. One for children who are infants and the other toddler to age 6. No prior experience with ASL is required to enroll in this course.