The Progression of Music Class 1 to Class 12 four fold enrichment music Apr 30, 2024

What music is in the Waldorf curriculum?

Class 1

In Music Class 1 we use singing games, dancing games, sing-alongs and stories to create music together. We explore physically the steady beat, how the beat relates to rhythm, and how beat and rhythm relate to melody in a naturally organic...

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Progression Through Eurythmy in Waldorf Education eurythmy four fold enrichment Apr 16, 2024

Have you been curious why Eurythmy is a special part of Waldorf Education?

Have you been curious how Eurythmy progresses through the Waldorf Grades?

Our teacher Ms. Tiffany leads our Seasons of Seven students through the main Eurythmy theme for each grade Class 1 - Class 12!

Class 1


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Waldorf Education Handwork Projects with Each Grade four fold enrichment handwork Mar 19, 2024

How do you feel about teaching your child Handwork?
If it is not your strength we have our handwork teacher to cover the lessons!

Learn more about our Four Fold Enrichment and watch samples HERE

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