Waldorf Education Handwork Projects with Each Grade four fold enrichment handwork Mar 19, 2024

How do you feel about teaching your child Handwork?
If it is not your strength we have our handwork teacher to cover the lessons!

Learn more about our Four Fold Enrichment and watch samples HERE

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Considering the Temperaments and Handwork Session handwork tempermanet Nov 14, 2023

Earlier this autumn, in our class four main lesson work we explored the story of the four winds and found our way from there into the four cardinal directions of the compass while experiencing the shift in the seasons as the year unfolds. Our chats during Parent Office Hours always bring ...

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The Magical Sun Fairies festivals handwork seasons Aug 30, 2022

I love this time of year...back to school, harvesting the late summer’s garden bounty, and
with the help of the magical sun fairies, using natural dyes from Mother Earth to dye the
fiber and textiles I will use throughout the school year for all of my handwork projects.

Natural dyes are the...

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The Seasonal Dance handwork seasons Jan 22, 2022

Mary had a little lamb, 

Which grew to be a sheep: 

The wool upon its back became 

Too thick and warm to keep. 

Then Mary’s sheep did with the rest 

Down to the brookside go, 

And soon again it well could boast 

“A fleece as white as snow.”...

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