Michaelmas Blessings

festivals michaelmas Sep 28, 2021
Michaelmas Waldorf Festival

So once again the green earth sings 

And forthwith gladness each flower springs

Renewal of the heart it brings

This time of Michael


With plant and beast we too shall rise

Each days bright road before us lies

Well face the challenge of the skies

As knights of Michael 


Gods angel of the sun so bright

Whose sword of power, piercing light

Calls man to rise, to act aright

Archangel Michael 

These song words ring out in the Southern Hemisphere at this time of the year as we say goodbye to the darkness of the winter and embrace the increasing light. In the Northern Hemisphere this may feel strange as the last fruits of the summer are enjoyed and the harvest is gathered.

Cultures all around the world celebrate or recognize the changing of the seasons. Many may go further by recognizing that the transformation in the outer world is mirrored in the inner life of all individuals. 

The Archangel Michael is a powerful angelic figure in Christian, Judaic and Islamic traditions. He is known to be the guiding angel of our times and is often pictured holding a sword to a dragons throat. The symbolic meaning of this picture is very important for us. Michael is subduing the dragon, not slaying it. Ultimately Michaelmas heralds the conscious courage it takes to learn to know and master ourselves. 

In other images of Michael we see him with earnest gaze holding a pair of scales. This is another important picture for us. This picture of balance can inspire us as we try to hold the uncertainty that comes to us from the future, on one hand, while cultivating trust in our own capacities to meet the demands of our changing times.

For the children they love to hear the story of St Michael who bravely battles the dragon who is terrorizing the village. He helps the king and saves the people. This dragon is then put to work in the service of the community. Children love to hear how they teach him to plow, to sow and to reap and to bring in the harvest - to work for the good of all. 

It has been delightful to see the many different nature dragons that have been fashioned by the children in response to our school wide challenge. May all families be blessed this Michaelmas with courage and strength to face the challenges that come, knowing  that we do not do it alone.

~Mrs. Bridgette Siepker

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