Why Do We Love This Journey Called Homeschool?

homeschool waldorf lifestyle Jun 14, 2022
The benefits of homeschooling

Happy Summer Break! What an amazing year we have had together. I am so grateful for every single student and family in our classes. You inspire me every day so deeply. This summer blog post is a little less formal than those I shared earlier in the school year. There have been many milestones over the past year in our family … 

Our son is now 18 & 1/2…! How did that happen? 

Looking back, I am so very grateful for our Waldorf school journey made up of homeschooling years, local Waldorf school Enrichment years and full-time class years, and out-of-town Waldorf High School, and again school at home as the ever changing world called us to adjust once again. Seeing him confident, joyous, and excited about being accepted by the university of his choice and blessed with merit scholarships to support him there, I love the answers that well up to that question in the first line above. 

As he journeys out into the world and his first college years, I find myself sharing my teaching and homeschooling experiences with some of the most amazing families and students I have ever met. They are all around the world, and every single one has become so very dear and near to my heart of hearts. Why do we love this journey called school-at-home or homeschool? 

We love that it is not really about being at home as much as it is about being together, being out in the world with our families, feeling free and taking on the responsibility for the education we really dream of providing for our children, traveling any time during the year, engaging with communities, farms, friends, art and theater groups, local sport groups, embracing the joys of learning every day and the beauty of creating something from our hearts and minds and with our hands every step of the way.

My family and I absolutely love that we have been able to guide how the day goes, to give spaciousness to whatever may need it, to allow for days to be long or short, quiet or busy, to travel and explore, and to be engaged with various social activities in our community and out in the greater world. The freedom and responsibility of guiding our own experiences open the door to incorporating whatever we are discovering and experiencing into the content of schoolwork, while at the same time, the focus of a specific main lesson block tends to bring the whole family together into experiences of re-discovering natural world around us, geography, stories of history, artistic practices …

I cannot help but invite everyone who feels called to this path full of joy, goodness, beauty, and gratitude to join us on this often magical school journey. 

See you soon in one of our classes at Seasons of Seven Virtual School!

With joy and gratitude,


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