Class 3 Building and Farming

building class 3 farming Jul 05, 2021
Waldorf Education Class 3 Building and Farming

Class 3 Building and Farming:

The class 3 child is most beautiful enigma. The will grows strong within them and they find themselves grounded in the world. There is a quiet strength and a questioning that arises from within the child. They are in awe of the world around them and love to explore and inquire. The class 3 Curriculum beautifully addresses the developmental needs of the growing child. What better way to learn then to get dirty and work with soil ,water and earth. Cast your mind back to when you were a child and the thrill of building a fort ,shelter or wonky tree house. Do you remember how we loved to plan ,talk and argue about the shape ,size and structure of this fantastic building. Was it about the finished product….no ! No we loved the work and the adventure. In class 3 we get to harness this imagination in creating shelters ,forts or even a beautiful chicken coop. The children learn about foundation ,structure ,reinforcement and the wonders of building materials and of course the power of the human imagination.

Examples of shelters in progress!

Farming goes hand in hand with building. This too has a strong foundation ,that moves into structure and a natural finished project. We work and care for the soil. We learn about the beautiful and magical power of compost. The children will learn about seasonal planting ,companion planting and the natural processes of caring for their little farm or piece of garden. The children need to feel the toil of working a piece of earth and what the farmer needs to do to prepare for planting. There is nothing more satisfying to watch a child see the fruits of their labor and the sprouting of the seeds. On a basic level the children learn simple botany by experiencing the practicalities of farming or gardening. This should never be seen as a chore but an activity they look forward to. Children soon become quite enamored with their part of the garden or farm and cultivate a love of caring for their labors. Projects do not have to vast or intricate. Good work has been done in potted gardens and children can still learn the basics of good farming practice. This is a beautiful time to work ,laugh and just get dirty planting seeds and seedlings! We learn a lot about our children when we are in nature. Cherish these moments.

~Mr. Gerhard Siepker: Seasons of Seven Class 3 teacher 

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