Movement in Your Waldorf Homeschool Education

movement Sep 17, 2021
Movement in Your Waldorf Homeschool Education

What a most wonderful way to start our day. A day filled with strong rhythm and routine brings focus ,calm and trust to children. There is a feeling of safety and boundary within the children. One of the  aspects of Waldorf education I have warmed to most is Circle time ,or Movement time. It has many names. I love this time of day as you get to meet the children and see what your day could be like or what we need to do to have a fruitful productive day. Movement awakens the child and challenges them in their thinking ,feeling and will. I say this because we often bring in skipping ,juggling ,rolling , speech and singing together. There needs to be focus and fun!


Our morning circle time brings a gentle practice to our tables ,verses and even recorder practice. The older the children get the more we are able to challenge their movement. The children should be awake in their movement and feel their strength and abilities. A simple rolly polly brings such confidence to a child. Allow them to hop like bunnies, crawl like lizards and jump like cheeky monkeys.


It is important to do speech especially when the children are a little breathless. This brings a beautiful focus and concentration. One of your best resources for circle time are beanbags. Always practice throwing ,catching and passing of the beanbags. I find that the first 10 -15 minutes of your day is the best time of day to move, tumble ,speak ,throw and catch.

You will find how beautifully your circle time evolves . I have incorporated rubber bouncing balls when reciting our Tables and you will see how handy a Frisbee can be.


Have fun finding your circle time routine and remember ….repetition is good!!

~Mr. Gerhard Siepker

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