The Eurythmy Letter Gestures

eurythmy Jul 28, 2022
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When one thinks of Eurythmy, the Eurythmy Letter Gestures generally come to mind! And for good reason! Almost everything we do in Eurythmy is based on these gestures! It is a beautiful, magical world that is slowly unlocked with each grade.

The Eurythmy Gestures fill and enliven our etheric bodies and speech forces in every language. “In Eurythmy we see this inner process manifested outwardly. In Eurythmy the entire body becomes a larynx of the Gods. Eurythmy is the visible manifestation of the art of listening to heart-speak. In Eurythmy we walk the words of the gods – that we found in our hearts and direct with our heads – into the world.” - Adriana Koulias

Long, long ago in ancient times, civilization looked towards the stars to find answers. These civilizations would pray and meditate, then look upwards to be directed. The stars spoke to man! They guided and lead him to the answers that he needed. To study and know the stars was to understand and know the secrets of the cosmos! Today in our time, the heavens are quiet. They have spoken and directed and now they wait and listen for our response. We speak back to the stars through eurythmy. It is a way for our etheric to speak to the hierarchies, to tell them what we have learned! We speak to them with the eurythmy letter gestures. 

In the Waldorf Curriculum we start by just getting to know each gesture; playing with them. Then we move to understanding their meanings, their formative and feeling forces, and their purpose. Then we use them to express the feelings of our heart, we speak back to the gods!

The Eurythmy Alphabet is one of my favorite things to teach! I love coming up with creative ways to use them when doing stories with the younger children to help bring those stories to life and make them real and living images! I love teaching the middle aged kids the gestures for what they are, a secret code, a secret language. We love playing with the gestures and unlocking their secrets! With the older kids we go a bit deeper and understand the gestures a bit more; not just the how’s but the why's of each gesture, relating its color, feeling, and meaning belonging to each. In doing this, we unlock the true meaning and purposes of poems, verses, and music.

Speech becomes so powerful and beautiful when done with eurythmy letter gestures. You not only hear the word, but what is going on in between each sound! That is where the secrets lie! I love seeing the letter gestures become alive in each child. I love watching their faces light up when they finally make these connections with the letter gestures! It truly is a magical and beautiful process and connects everything else we do in eurythmy.

By Tiffany Conary

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