Why should we study Steiner?

Jan 29, 2022

Why should we study Steiner? Doesn’t the curriculum or the teacher give me all I need? This is often the question I get when I talk to parents about reading Steiner.  

Steiner can be...thick...dense...INTENSE and few people really enjoy reading his work at first. It takes time to feel comfortable with the way he talks and I find that this is often best done with a group of others on a similar path. Where do we find that group? Generally a Waldorf school or a group of homeschoolers will come together to discuss the work. At Seasons of Seven we are holding a group starting this month. You can find out information about it HERE.

That takes care of the how... but still WHY? Why should we study this work and the founder of the work?  My answer is that we need to be conscious. Where does the work come from? What were Steiner's ideas on development? What did he think about temperament and meditation? Why did he find that these things were so important in his day and why do we think they are important now? What pulls this education?  Studying Steiner can help us answer those WHY questions. Studying in a group can also give us a place to bounce ideas, voice concerns and even disagree with something he wrote. 

Disagreeing with Steiner is okay! People are often shocked when I tell them I don't agree with everything he said. In my mind, Rudolf Steiner was a man, not a prophet. He had some pretty profound inspiration on child development, social education, the human body, self reflection, color, gardening, farming and the list goes on.  Just because those thoughts were profound, it doesn't mean you have to agree with them all.  Studying as a group gives us the opportunity to ponder topics, go deeper and share our own profound thoughts.

No matter how you study Steiner, whether it be in a group or on your own, study.  Ponder. Agree. Disagree. Study. 

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