Tapestry of Stories

Feb 28, 2021

Each week in our classes is woven together on a tapestry of stories. The power of storytelling is so expansive, yet, the inspiration and the capacity for storytelling live in all of us. Children reap so much from the storytelling moments that expand their capacities for imagination and visualization, but the gift of storytelling is much more than that. Stories offer soul nourishment to all of us, regardless of our age. As children, we revel in the imagery and collect the seeds of understanding and interest in the world which might sprout many years in the future. As adults, in stories, we find within ourselves gems of inspiration and encouragement or reminders of long-lost knowledge. As parents, we can find courage and insights toward deepening the family experiences for us and our children. As grandparents, we will be invited to share the stories seemingly ancient to the youngest members of our families, but also to listen to the stories they will invent and need an eager listener to share with.
While storytelling in the classroom is filled with the gifts that weave together the learning experiences, at home its gifts can multiply and reach our hearts as we find moments of connection and profound moments of pondering, learning, teaching, and inspiring each other.
At Seasons of Seven, the special setting created for the school journey connects not only teachers and students but also teachers, students, parents, and siblings; opens the path for the gifts of storytelling to exponentially multiply as families have many opportunities to connect in the story -telling or -listening together every week.
We would love to share the gift of storytelling with you, too.

~Ms. Daniela Sales:  Seasons of Seven Class 1 teacher

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