Copper Rods in Eurythmy

eurythmy Jul 31, 2021
Copper Rods in Eurythmy

I love the copper rods! They are an extremely useful tool for eurythmy. With the copper rods, we are able to encourage motor skills, posture, agility, and dexterity for each stage of development of the child. It allows us to come into our bodies in a healthy way, while also assisting with balance, gravity, and levity. Rudolf Steiner said that when we use the copper rods, we develop the intuition and intelligence of the hand.

But why copper? Copper is an amazing mineral that makes up the rods we use. Copper is a conductor of warmth, energy, and oxygen. It will constantly be giving back and transferring what it is absorbing through your hands. When you pick up a copper rod, the metal immediately adjusts to the temperature of your hand, thus making it easy on your hands when you work with it.  Copper is a mineral found naturally in the earth and our bodies, so it helps us in making that all important connection with the earth, while also providing metabolic energy to organs throughout our bodies, such as the liver, kidneys, heart, and brain. This is why it is so essential that when doing the rod exercises, we use copper rods.

The exercises we do work with the arms, legs, hands, feet, and fingers. It helps the younger children to develop skills and strength that will be used for drawing and writing. It helps the older children develop dexterity and agility. We roll the rods on our arms and legs, work them between our fingers, and jump over them with our whole bodies! We use them for balance to walk a straight line, and add hand movements for more complicated exercises!

As children begin to grow older, and as their skills improve, we work the rod above, below, left, right, and all the way around our bodies. Working with each of these sides of the body provides grounding, lightness, feeling, strength, and thinking. We work with agility and dexterity through twirling, throwing, and catching the rods. We work to perfect all skills learned with great precision! We begin to move these exercises with threefold walking and/or form walking. This becomes more complicated as a lot of thinking is involved while moving and doing the rod exercises! 

Not only do these copper rod exercises offer therapeutic health benefits and strength for the children, it is also fun to do! Each exercise can have its own twists and turns, keeping the children focused and on their toes! I absolutely love the copper rod exercises! It provides a chance for me to give some additional light-heartedness and fun to our lessons, and the children always look forward to it!

~Ms. Tiffany C

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