What is Special About Science in Waldorf High School Classes

high school science Apr 09, 2024
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A healthy view of the world starts with a healthy view of ourselves. How we view ourselves, our roles and responsibilities affects what we do in this world. And, how we view the world reflects on how we act in it.

It is therefore important and more so at this time in our earth's history to see everything in relation to one another. Study of physical, chemical, biological and earth sciences opens us to incredible organization, beauty and precision in nature.

In Waldorf education, our approach to science is phenomenological. Students get to experience and not just repeat different phenomena and laws that govern sciences. They have an opportunity to perform experiments, make observations and come together and ponder the science behind it. We experience physical and chemical laws through demos and experiments, explore the topic by working independently on projects and work in a team when it comes to creatively presenting the topic in hand. One thing that is very much appreciated by the students is presenting a topic creatively in a team as well as working on a project independently.

Spotlights in our Waldorf High School Science:

A popular chemistry block is acid base chemistry and a popular physics block is kinematics. In the Acid base chemistry block, students took up various dyeing projects and presented their projects in class. They designed controls for their experiment, designed variables, planned out their procedure, purchased required ingredients, planned time needed to finish the project and figured sources of error. It ranged from dyeing different kinds of fabric to the realm of art to the realm of baking!  

The kinematics block project involved designing a rube goldberg machine using items from the home. This project brought out the students' creativity, resourcefulness and a feel for the physical laws behind it.

Another popular way of understanding and presenting a subject matter is through , believe it or not, skits! This takes on various forms - podcast, newsroom conversation or even an illustrated children's book!

Thus, science need not be limited to learning from textbooks in an unidimensional way. There is life all around us, there are physical laws all around us and there is science waiting to be explored all around us; all we need to do is wake up to them and find beauty, connection and organization. 

Seasons of Seven High School Teacher 

Ms. Vidhya

Learn more about our High School and watch samples HERE

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