What a Seasons of Seven Virtual Homeschool Week Looks Like in the Grade Classes

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What a Seasons of Seven Virtual Homeschool Week Looks Like in the Grade Classes

As a parent, when faced with a homeschool day of guiding your child, one can fluctuate between emotions  of overwhelm and over ambitious excitement. Our teachers, through their experience, insight and deeper work with the development of the child and Waldorf pedagogy, navigate this path alongside you. All story and work content is specific to the age and development of the child. The rhythm of the day is suggested, yet you weave the day as it works best in your home, the threads of which are given to you each week.

Parents receive a weekly overview and then daily content in the form of video lessons and instruction guides. Some of the colorful and varied yarns of content may include: 

Morning Verse - Each grade class opens their day in reverence by greeting the day with a morning verse.

Rhythmical Element of Main Lesson - You will come to know your child’s teacher's way and rhythm but generally there will be a rhythmical/movement time to your child’s main lesson and this can include, speech work, singing, movement such as walking and speaking, jump-rope, skipping, hop-scotch, bean bag juggling, ball bouncing, mental arithmetic, multiplication tables practice, recorder playing - among other seasonal or festival related activities.

Main Lesson - The main lesson is a submerging into a particular subject which constitutes the heart of the day and runs for block periods of approximately 3 weeks.  This gains its depth and substance from the teacher recalling work introduced or experienced the day before and specific guided direction in the work expectation for the lesson.

Story - The children are helped to recall the previous day’s story and then told a new story or a continuation of the story specific to their age and class.  This could be complementary and part of the main lesson work, seasonal, festival related or appropriate to the stage and age of the child - as outlined in Steiner’s curriculum guidelines.

Other weekly lessons - share their colorful expression in: Maths practice; Language Arts - reading, writing, comprehension and poetry; Craft; Painting; Form Drawing; Modeling in beeswax, clay or an age specific medium, as well as shared baking or cooking experiences and recipes. 

Closing Verse -The day draws to an end through the sharing of the class’s end of day verse.

Each teacher’s creativity is ignited by them knowing the children in their class and this beautiful connection leads to lessons enriched with an inspired and personal essence to them.

The weekly and bi-weekly zoom classes provide a platform for interaction with classmates and teacher. Through this and the live lessons that are taught at these times, relationships emerge and a class community grows, despite physical miles that may separate everyone.

Class 3 Teacher, Ms. Mandy 

Watch samples of our classes here

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