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homeschool Feb 28, 2024
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Every Monday we host a live Q and A for you to come meet us face to face and ask questions. Over the years, we have received a diverse range of questions from our community.

Here are some of the top questions that might help you start envisioning a thriving family rhythm after joining our virtual school. 

1. A Virtual School? Is that even Waldorf?
I'm sure you have noticed the world around us is rapidly changing. We are using the tool of technology to provide you with a trained Waldorf teacher to support you in your homeschooling journey. Through our virtual school, you get to know your child's teachers in a way not possible in a brick-and-mortar school. Join your child in their pre-recorded lessons, attend live weekly parent office hours, and grab your favorite handwork to sit on the side of live zooms. You'll discover how hard our Seasons of Seven teachers work for your family and when you attend live weekly parent office hours you develop your own relationship with your child's teachers.

2. What does a day/week look like?
That is up to you!
Does your child like to rise and shine early?
Sleep in?
Do you have sports on your calendar?
Love to travel?
You create your family's homeschool rhythm! Live zooms are a scheduled time you can plan around and if you miss one remember you are a homeschool family and choose what is best for your family.

A day/week will look different for each family and each grade. Want help envisioning how to set up your weekly rhythm? Attend your teacher's weekly parent office hours and they will not only help you brainstorm options but also reassure you there are lessons in a family vacation or a day off when needed.

3. Can I meet local families in my area?
Yes! We have a directory. You can also attend parent office hours and brainstorm with your child's teacher and fellow parents in a similar situation to find/create a co-op.

4. My family/friends do not understand why our family chose Waldorf Homeschooling.....
You are not alone! We have many families in the same situation. Weekly parent office hours are a great place to stay inspired and keep holding the space for your family and the choice you made that is best for them.

Have you noticed the common theme here?

The families that often thrive the most with us are the ones that attend parent office hours. We even offer them for our Enrichment Teachers. We want you to feel comfortable asking our teachers questions. We want you to feel confident in your Waldorf homeschooling. We want your family to thrive. Most of all we want you to feel supported in the hard work you are doing for your family. You've probably heard us say "We are Redefining Education". We are also Redefining Parenthood for Homeschool Families! You are not alone in this journey. We look forward to meeting you soon!

This is a great listen to how different families use our program. Listen HERE

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