Waldorf Education Form Drawing

form drawing Feb 11, 2021
Waldorf Form Drawing

Why do I love Form Drawing? It is a beautiful exercise that gives so much to the student. It develops handwriting skills, special awareness, coordination, relaxation and a sense of security…and, it’s FUN!

Form Drawing is like a sport, as you move from one side of the paper to the other, zig-zagging, weaving, doing high jumps or low swoops as needed.

Form Drawing is like a dance, as you find that rhythm of over, under and back, moving the entire arm…and even the whole body for big outdoor or chalkboard exercises.
Form Drawing is like playing music, as the pencil drags across the paper, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Listen to the sound of the form you are drawing, hear the rhythm of the form emerge.

Form Drawing is like a puzzle or brain teaser, as you figure out which way to go next, how it all fits together, and how to “solve” the form.

And, of course, Form Drawing is like a stunning work of art, as you stand back to admire the combination of your efforts and see an amazing drawing to proudly display.

I hope you give Form Drawing a place in your weekly rhythm, and enjoy this deeply rewarding experience!

~Ms. Andrea:  Seasons of Seven Class 4 Teacher

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