Class 11 Tragedy and Comedy Block

high school Apr 23, 2024

Tragedy and Comedy: This main lesson explores the opposing genres of tragedy and comedy. We will begin with the origins of drama in ancient Greek religious festivals, and follow the themes of self-awareness, transformation, wisdom, foolishness, and human responses to the world around them. Our work will center on two plays: the ancient Greek tragedy of Antigone by Sophocles, and the French comedy The Imaginary Invalid by Molière.

This course also helps scaffold strong work habits. We will build skills for reading plays as distinct from reading prose, and discuss how this changes our role as a reader. Additionally, students will learn and utilize specific note taking systems and practice transforming those notes into longer essays in their own words.

There are two significant artistic assignments in this course. Students will choose short sections from the varying plays, work with the imagery and sound of the language, and present their selections to the class. Additionally, over the course of the block, students will create an artistic rendering of one character from each play.

We hope you enjoy this clip highlighting a few of our Class 11 students. 
Lazzi, or slapstick gags in the style of the commedia dell'arte. Students created their own in connection with the play.

Forgetful Argan Lazzo
Argan's Lazzo Supper
Argan Falling Lazzo

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