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Our Vision

As the world is changing, the vision of what education looks like is also changing.  While independently homeschooling is an option for some families, it is not a possible reality for others.  We aim to bridge the gap.  Our desire is to bring together amazing, qualified teachers  with families who are yearning for a Waldorf-inspired experience.

We have teachers willing to help students all over the world!  We have more information on our F.A.Q. page above. 

*Although we offer fully teacher-guided education, families will be considered homeschoolers as per their government requirements, but will have hand in hand support from a qualified teacher.

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Seasons of Seven is...

Perfect for families that want a Waldorf inspired education at home. Seasons of Seven gives you both pre-recorded lessons from a trained teacher AND live zoom connection with peers & teachers for a full class experience. It will be different, but it will be beautiful.

Full academic year of 36 weeks with a Class Teacher. 

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Enrichment Classes

Handwork, music, foreign language, etc. may not be your super power and it would be a dream to have a teacher by your side. Seasons of Seven can connect you with an enrichment teacher to guide you through these classes.

Enrichment classes 12-36 weeks.

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Would you rather homeschool independently?
 While our virtual school program was born out of a deep desire to help teachers and families, our directors are all homeschoolers. We know that our hybrid option won't be right for everyone. If you would prefer to homeschool with a Waldorf inspired curriculum, go at your own pace and truly be in charge of your child's education then check out Waldorf Essentials.
Waldorf Essentials