Classes are led by our dedicated teachers with a blend of tailored pre-recorded lessons and live Zoom community time.

Summer Classes begin the week of July 8th!

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Created for students turning 5 or 6 by March 31, 2025


Created for students turning 7 by March 31, 2025

Class 1

Created for students turning 8 by March 31, 2025

Class 2

Created for students turning 9 by March 31, 2025

Class 3

Created for students turning 10 by March 31, 2025

Class 4

Created for students turning 11 by March 31, 2025

Class 5

Created for students turning 12 by March 31, 2025

Class 6

Created for students turning 13 by March 31, 2025

Class 7

Created for students turning 14 by March 31, 2025

Class 8

For Classes 9, 10, 11 and 12

High School Details

For parents who want to grow alongside their little ones  Waldorf-style.

Parent Child Details

For children ages 7-14 who are beginner or intermediate French speakers.

French Details

Offering Handwork, German, Eurythmy and Music

Enrichment Details

Class lessons are primarily delivered by the teacher through pre-recorded videos tailored to the class, allowing students the flexibility to watch them at the time of day that works best with the option to pause and rewatch as needed. Additionally, classes come together 1-4 times per week, depending on age and class needs, for live Zoom sessions. During these sessions, students engage in various activities such as playing games, discussing the week's lessons, receiving assistance from the teacher, getting to know their classmates, and working on projects together. Each week, there is also a parent office hour where teachers and families in the class can meet together. This provides a valuable opportunity for connection and collaboration within the class community.

Both the pre-recorded lessons and live Zoom sessions are equally essential and contribute significantly to the class experience. They work together to create a comprehensive and interactive learning environment for our students. The teacher guides the class through the material, allowing everyone to progress together. While classes are not go at your own pace, this approach ensures a comprehensive education and to stay on track with an academic year full of Waldorf curriculum.

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