Handwork Teacher
Ms. Maggie

Margaret and her family live in Holland, Michigan along the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan where they love hiking and spending time at the beach. She has been homeschooling her three children for several years, using the Waldorf philosophy. Margaret's passion for handwork and fiber arts was instilled in her at a young age when her grandmother taught her to knit and crochet. She has since always had a project in hand. In 2014, Margaret began making Waldorf dolls and as the owner of Poppenhuis she now writes patterns and tutorials to teach others to make dolls. Margaret has attended Taproot Teacher Trainings and completed Waldorf Essentials Training Courses. As handwork teacher, Margaret hopes to spark a passion for handwork in children and inspire them to create beautiful works of art.  


Music Teacher 
Mr. Mark

Hello! I’m Mark, and teaching music is one of my favorite things. I’ve been a professional performer (singer, musician, actor...) for most of my life. Still am. But around twenty-some years ago, when my own kids were little, I began to be interested in sharing my creative spark in a different way: through teaching. And I found such joy in sharing that spark that to this day it continues to burn bright. I am a certified Orff-Schulwerk music educator. I’m Waldorf trained -- my own kids were homeschooled Waldorf-style and went on to Waldorf schools -- and I spent several years as a Waldorf Kindy Teacher and then a Class Teacher for grades 5-6. I’ve taught music, acting, improvisation, Shakespeare, dramatic literature and more, to humans of all ages, from toddlers to octogenarians. (So ok, technically I guess that’s “most ages” not “all ages”... but you get the idea ....) I’m excitedly looking forward to meeting all of the Seasons of Seven families.


Eurythmy Inspired Movement Teacher
Ms. Tiffany

Hello and warm greetings from South Carolina in the Unites States! My name is Tiffany Conary. I am a Waldorf homeschooling mom of seven. Two of my children are grown and left the nest, four are currently being homeschooled, and one is preschool age, but keeping up with everything her brothers and sisters are doing! I am going to be the Movement Teacher this year for Seasons of Seven. I am very excited and so eager to get to know every one of my students and their families. For the past 4 years I have been doing eurythmy movement, with multiple ages and stages, in my homeschool co-op group. This is something I enjoy doing immensely! It is interesting to see what works and what doesn’t at each stage of life. I am currently working on a clear and understandable homeschool eurythmy curriculum since there is a great need for eurythmy in the home. Waldorf education is beautiful and wonderful but would not be complete without eurythmy. That is why I feel it is my call to bring eurythmy to as many homeschooling families as I possibly can.  Seasons of Seven is a lovely way to provide a Waldorf education to those wanting to stay at home. YOU too should have the opportunity to do the engaging art of eurythmy as well. I am so excited to work with the younger ones and get those little bodies moving in a way that will encourage their speech process, prepare them for reading and writing, and connect their physical and etheric bodies! I am equally excited to work with the older ones to help them feel comfortable in their bodies, express the feelings they cannot with words, and to bring them into the thinking stage of life. I look forward to this year and look forward to working with you!


ASL Teacher
Ms. Rebecca

Hello to you wherever you are in this enchanting world!

My name is Mrs. Rebecca, and I am a homeschooling mother of two children in kindergarten and first grade. I have a deep-set love of nature and the outdoors and try and bring this magic to as many American Sign Language (ASL) classes as I can. My family and I live in the wondrous and majestic country of Alaska, USA. By day I homeschool my two children, mid-day I train with the search and rescue team with my dog Sherlock, and in the evening, I am here available to you.

Some of my favorite things outside of family and hiking are: eating ice cream sundaes, jokes, playing card games such as blink and learning to work a farm.  As you attend my class learning stories, poems, alliterations, and songs, I hope you can feel the excitement of learning ASL.  It's a beautiful language, and one that can open many doors to seeing the world from a different perspective. The soundless world is not silent! 

I went to school at Johnson State College in Vermont, USA. I graduated with a bachelors in education and a second bachelors in psychology. I also have a TESOL (teaching English as a second language) 120-hour certificate. I have taught ASL since 2009, and have been an English as a second or other language instructor for the last 4 years. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know what your favorite things are!


French Teacher
Ms. Sandrine

Hello from France!

My name is Sandrine, I am French and I live in the city of Lyon (a big city in the east of France, in a wonderful region close to the Alps and Provence).

I started my career as a communication officer, but very quickly I felt strongly the call to teach (a childhood dream) so I quit my job to start Steiner-Waldorf teacher training. This was a life-changing training for me, where I discovered the deep joy of working with my hands, painting, modelling, drawing, and of creating imaginative content, while focusing on inner work.

2 years into my training, I embarked on a marvellous journey : being a class teacher. For 5 years, every day at school, with my 30 students was a delight : discovering with them the wonder and richness of the Waldorf curriculum, making up creative content that suits their developmental needs, seeing them grow, and working with parents as partners on their child's journey. 

I was very happy with my job but a new adventure was waiting for me : motherhood. For one year now, I've discovered the happiness of being a parent. And now, thanks to Seasons of Sevens, I have this opportunity to go back to teaching while still being a full-time mom! 

I will be happy to introduce my mother tongue to your children.


Content Toddlers & Joyful Parents Teacher
Ms. Tiffany M.

Tiffany resides in Salt Lake Valley with her husband, four children, and lots of animals. She spends lots of time hiking in the mountains, playing in the streams, gardening and crafting.Tiffany has completed her LifeWays Early Childhood Certificate in Phoenix, AZ in March 2018 while serving as both the Administrative Assistant and cook for the training. She continues to work with LifeWays as a Student Services director helping to launch
further Early Childhood trainings.She has worked as a Lead Teacher, Assistant Teacher and Aftercare Teacher in a Waldorf Kindergarten and been the Lead Teacher and Director for a robust Parent & Child program serving families with children birth-five. Tiffany also has a degree in business finance, has completed the Mothering Arts postpartum training and a number of online trainings with LifeWays North America.Her lifelong dream is to teach and work with young children and their families. She discovered Waldorf Education shortly after her first child was born which inspired her to start a homeschool co-op group that began by celebrating festivals and has also had an in-home Waldorf Childcare program. She is fulfilling her dream of bring life-changing Waldorf Education and parenting support to families.