Class 8 with Mrs. Jaia Jenkins


Class Description

Eighth grade is an exciting and transformative year. The student’s intellectual capacities are beginning to flourish, allowing for rich conversation and greater depth in the lesson content. Individuality is also beginning to be strongly asserted, and with this comes strong opinions and ideas. What better time could there be to study revolutions in industry, thinking, culture, and politics? The sciences are also a large part of the eighth grade curriculum, and investigations and experiments in organic chemistry, physics, and meteorology will support student’s growing capacities for independent work and critical thinking. In language arts, the students will explore the elements of a short story, bolster their composition and writing skills, discuss and explore a variety of literature, and dive deep into Shakespeare. 

Artistic work is perhaps more important than ever in middle school, supporting the astral body which is felt so strongly in adolescence, and allowing the students to express and process their feeling life non-verbally. The eighth grade students will refine their artistic skills with lessons in a variety of mediums including charcoal, pastel, colored pencil, modeling, and watercolors. 

Class 8 Steiner pedagogy:

Language Arts: Short stories, Story elements, Shakespeare, Plays

Mathematics: Practical math, Equations, Algebra, Set theory, 3D geometry, Solid geometry

Science: Gardening. Plant chemistry, Human anatomy & Physiology, Thermal physics and Material properties.

Social Studies: In depth on revolutions and reform, Modern history, World geography, Art history

Work Samples:

Class Sample Video:


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Handwork With Ms. Maggie


In Class 8 as students study the Industrial Revolution, handwork focuses on the use of the sewing machine. We will begin the year by studying the history of the sewing machine and the overall impact it has had on the textile industry. The students will learn several different quilting styles and techniques, learn how to mend and care for clothing, and sew an apron.


Eurythmy Inspired Movement With Ms. Tiffany



The theme of the eighth grade is FREEDOM. We work through questions like, “Am I deciding whether to move my bones and muscles or is something streaming into and through me?” We will use this as the guide to all the gestures and form walking we do this year, which is a deeper study of the gestures and form walking. For tone, we will work with intervals, harmonies, and tone gestures, as well as, gravity and levity through raying and streaming. For copper rods we will learn to master and properly execute advanced copper rod exercises as well as learn to form walk with these.

American Sign Language with Ms. Rebecca


Students in grade 8 will have the experience of learning American Sign Language through various subjects about the world. This includes world geography, cultures around the world, terminology related to government and politics, and watching various types of poetry in ASL. They will have the chance to practice giving presentations in ASL.

Music with Mr. Mark



Class Description Coming Soon!

Family Testimonial 

"We are so very grateful to have had Ms Jaia for our daughters eighth grade teacher.  She held the class beautifully from the very beginning, always engaged the students, Always available for help when needed and extremely easy to communicate with.  Ms Jaia made our sudden change to online and homeschooling so incredibly seamless and we as a family will be eternally thankful.  The fact that my daughter really enjoyed her year and her teacher who she technically hasn’t even met is a true testament.  A truly wonderful and very dedicated teacher!" ~ Mattana Family


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