Class 7:  Mrs. Siepker (2022/2023)

2022/2023 Live Zoom Times

Track 1: 
Class Zoom: Tuesday & Thursday 8am PST
Enrichment: Wednesday 8am PST


Track 2: 
Class Zoom: Tuesday & Thursday 9am PST
Enrichment: Wednesday 9am PST
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Family Testimonial 

"Bridgette is a truly gifted Waldorf teacher. Her storytelling skills are divine, regularly bringing my child to the edge of her seat. Bridgette’s lessons are thoughtful and engaging. She is organized, responsive, and communicative. She is kind and compassionate, and shows tough love when it’s needed to keep the class focused. Our family adores her!" ~ Larsen Family

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Class Description

"You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself" - Galileo Galilei

What an exciting year it is that lies before the 7th grade child.

This is the year of awakening, of enlightenment and of Renaissance in every sense of the word. It is here that the children begin to feel themselves as true citizens of the world. 

In History the children will hear the biographies of the great explorers, thinkers, artists and reformers. These individuals challenged the times they lived in and paved the way for change, reform and revolution.

As the children discover the outer world around them, they will begin to discover and experience their own inner world. The outer stories mirror the inner experience. Children begin to delight in their capacity to think their own thoughts and experience cause and effect and varying pionts of view and prespectives. They enjoy the sense of order these new faculties bring. Subjects that nurture and feed these budding capacities include Chemistry, Physics, Algebra, Geometry and Astronomy. True endeavours will be made to infuse thoughts and judgements with real imagination.

As physical changes dominate, the children will have a chance to explore the subjects of Physiology and Nutrition, providing ample opportunities to discuss relevant topics and questions. Opportunities for self - expression through language and art will be encouraged and nurtured.

I look forward to working with you and your child.

Warm regards,

Bridgette Siepker


Class 7 Steiner pedagogy:

Language Arts: Research papers, poetry, play writing. Exploring language through themed papers, including Wish, Wonder and Surprise. Biographies of historical figures. Arthurian legends

Mathematics: Continued practical mathematics, business mathematics, algebra, graphing, areas, perimeters

Science: Chemistry including combustion, chemical transformations. Physiology including reproduction, the circulatory system, nutrition, first aid. Physics of light, magnetism, static and current electricity, mechanics. Astronomy

Social Studies: History from 1400 to 1700, The Age of Exploration, The Age of Discovery, The Renaissance,  geography of Africa and Europe, geographical terminology.

Artistic Studies: Perspective drawing, watercolor painting modeling with clay.

Work Samples:

Class Sample Video:


Enrichment is incorporated in your full class experience!

Meet your Four Fold Enrichment teachers!

Handwork With Ms. Maggie


The focus of handwork in seventh grade is the ancient art of felting. We will begin by learning the history of felting and exploring the uses of wool felt. After being introduced to this beautiful art, the students will use both wet felting and needle felting techniques to create three-dimensional art forms from wisps of colorful wool. The students will felt useful items such as unique geode-shaped pin cushions, slippers, lanterns, bowls, and a pencil roll. Felting is an art form that increases special awareness and fine motor skills.

Eurythmy Inspired Movement With Ms. Tiffany



The theme of the Seventh grade is moody drama. We will work with this by working with the soul gestures of affirmation/negation and sympathy/antipathy. We will learn how to move through and occupy the etheric space around us as we learn to form walk with continuous forms. For tone, we will solidify basic tone gestures, work with sharps and flats, and work with major/minor chords and moods. For copper rods, we will dive deeper into advanced copper rod exercises fitted for the seventh grade.

American Sign Language with Ms. Rebecca


During grade 7, students will learn about the diversity of Deaf sign languages around the world. They will discover Deaf artists as well. During this year, students will learn American Sign Language through their main lesson topics.

Music with Mr. Mark



In Music Class 7 we use singing games, dancing games, and sing-alongs to create music together. We explore physically the steady beat, how the beat relates to rhythm, and how beat and rhythm relate to melody in a naturally organic progression. The material we use incorporates aspects of the students’ Main Lesson blocks. Emphasis is on creative expression and musical exploration, where everyone participates together in the creation of beautiful music. Rythmic and Melodic Notation are explored in a fun, organic way that relates to the Feeling Life of the music rather than the Intellectual, and we will compose our own songs. We incporporate Intermediate Recorder into our musical explorations (many students have already been playing recorder at this age, and I take that into account as I incorporate complete beginners with those who have some recorder skills, so that we can all progress together). We will also incorporate Beginning/Intermediate Ukelele!