Class 4: Mr. Siepker (2022/2023)

2022/2023 Live Zoom Times

Track 1:  
Class Zoom: Tuesday & Thursday 8:00am PST
Enrichment: Wednesday 8am PST
Track 2: 
Class Zoom: Tuesday & Thursday 9:00am PST
Enrichment:  Wednesday 9am PST
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Family Testimonial 

"We had to pull our children out of the progressive school we have been in for seven years due to Covid and were feeling unmoored, stressed and sad.  When we found Seasons of Seven, we felt as if an enormous weight had been lifted from our shoulders.  Our youngest daughter is thriving in Mr. Siepker's class.  He brings joy, warmth, humor and grace to every lesson. My child is eager every morning to begin our day, and I find myself smiling right along with her.  I am a working parent, but I am able to balance my daughter's education with my own work responsibilities, thanks to this incredible school. We enjoy not only the lessons, but also the festival celebrations, handwork, and community.  Mr. Siepker is shepherding not only his students, but also their parents. I truly enjoy watching Melisa's videos each week and look forward to every school meeting or masterclass. While we may have found you because of Covid, I believe we will be with you for much longer.

May this school grow and thrive so that homeschooling families and those without access to a Waldorf school can find nourishment in the beautiful practice of Steiner education.  My sincere thanks to all of you, Melanie, Nicole, Melisa, all of the teachers and every family in our school." ~ Gina

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Class Description

"Class four is a year filled with wonderful and epic stories from the Norse Mythologies. The basic theme of the Waldorf Curriculum for class 4 is the confirmation and encouragement on completing the "CROSSING OF THE RUBICON." The children will study "Man and Animal and this will form a more integrated structure of nature study. This will be a year studying grammar, language, speech, sentence structure, through the use of the vivid Main lesson stories. During our mathematic Main lessons and running lessons, fractions will provide the basic theme for the children in class 4.

This is the year where the children will become spatially aware of their world through the study of local Geography. Here they will find aspects of their place in the world. Our artistic journey continues in our Painting lessons. Through the medium of Water color painting we will explore the world of the Norse Gods, Man and Animal and local Geography. Class 4 children will hone their skills in Handwork, Music, Eurythmy and ASL throughout the year. I warmly invite you to join me on this amazing journey that is the wonderment of Class 4.

Kind regards,

Gerhard Siepker


Main Themes of Grade 4

Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Norse Mythology, stories inspired by local history, stories inspired by the history and cultures of Native civilizations 

Math: Expanding on the work with large numbers, Introduction to Fractions, Long division, averages, checking own work 

Science: Human Being & Animals, Landscapes & Animals 

Social Studies: Compass, Mapmaking, Local Geography (neighborhood, town, state, region), Stories inspired by local history, stories inspired by the history and cultures of Native civilizations 

Artistic Work: Watercolor, Drawing with pencils, Drawing with crayons, Form Drawing and Freehand Geometry, Songs, Recitation (poetry and class plays), clay modeling 

Work Samples:

Class Sample Video:


Sample Lesson Video:


Enrichment is incorporated in your full class experience!

Meet your Four Fold Enrichment teachers!

Handwork With Ms. Maggie


As the children begin crossing over from childhood to adolescence during the 4th grade year, the primary focus of handwork is to awaken an appreciation for form and to strengthen fine motor skills through embroidery and cross stitch. We will begin the year learning basic embroidery stitches and techniques to make an embroidered needle book and scissors pouch. Next, we will work with color theory, color conversation between two color families, and creating a symmetrical form to embroider onto a handwork bag. The students will continue working with color theory and symmetry to create a beautiful unique design on a cross stitch pin cushion. The students will carefully consider their color pattern for the pin cushion, stitching the lightest color in the center. The stitched form will duplicate and mirror itself in all directions, including diagonally. This process develops pattern recognition and sharpens eye hand coordination.

Eurythmy Inspired Movement With Ms. Tiffany



The theme of the fourth grade is “We are here; we work hard; we are humans. Apollonisians.” We will work hard! This year will we will dive deeper into the eurythmy gestures and what they mean. When we walk forms; we do it always facing towards the front of the room, which brings about spatial awareness. We will work with rhythmic principles like basic tone gestures, as well as, beat, rhythm, and pitch. For copper rod exercises, we bring a mix of basic rod exercises for a light mood, and intermediate exercises which take work and concentration.

American Sign Language with Ms. Rebecca


Grade 3 will be learning vocabulary in ASL surrounding map making, kingdoms of nature, and math terminology. In grade 4, children will begin to learn the grammar system of ASL by exploring prepositions, articles and pronouns. 

Music with Mr. Mark



In Music Class 4 we use singing games, dancing games, sing-alongs and stories to create music together. We explore physically the steady beat, how the beat relates to rhythm, and how beat and rhythm relate to melody in a naturally organic progression. The material we use incorporates the season we're in as well as aspects of the students’ Main Lesson blocks. Emphasis is on creative expression and musical exploration, where everyone participates together in the creation of beautiful music. Music Notation is introduced in a fun, organic way that relates to the Feeling Life of the music rather than the Intellectual. We incporporate Beginning/Intermediate Recorder into our musical explorations (some students may already be playing recorder at this age, and I take that into account as I incorporate complete beginners with those who have some recorder skills, so that we can all progress together).