Class 3 with Mr. Spiepker


Class Description

This is a year full of practical activities, where children truly become citizens of the earth. The mathematics curriculum introduces practical activities of measuring in all its forms; Linear, weight, liquid and currency. Our connection to the Earth is enlivened by the practical task of the farmer in addition to studying the other work of people like bakers, cobblers, builders and tailors. All those who serve their community. We will take a very close look at the homes and dwellings of people around the world. In particular the method of their building practice. This again grounds the children in the world and assist them to make a better sense of their immediate surroundings.

Faithfully guiding us through the whole year, are the Old Testament stories of the Hebrew people. Here we will learn about the beginning and the creation of our world along with the challenges met by the people of that time. We have a very full and colourful year ahead of us, made even more fruitful by our reading skills coming to fruition.

We will address the language arts by looking at grammar, letter writing and the Hebrew year.

We will extend our mathematical skills, measurement, carrying/borrowing, prime numbers and money.

This will be a year filled with music, song, recorder playing, handwork, modeling, Form Drawing, and of course my favorite, painting.

I look forward to be on this wonderful journey with you and I am excited to continue with many of you.My task as your teacher is to guide you and assist you in the most understanding and meaningful way. We will endeavour  to build our school community in care and understanding through the wonder that is the Waldorf Curriculum. Just like the builders of old we will create even stronger foundations and unbreakable walls.

Kind regards

Your class 3 Teacher

Gerhard Siepker


Main Themes of Grade 3

Language Arts: Intro grammar, Letter writing, The Hebrew year, Reading Practice

Mathematics: Extended skills with the use of four operations, Measurement, Carrying/Borrowing, Prime Numbers, Time & Money, introduction to vertical orientation when practicing multiplication 

Social Studies: Farming, Gardening, Shelters, Understanding occupations

And More: Form Drawing, Handwriting (cursive), Painting, Modeling, Drawing, Music, Handwork, Practical Work



Work Samples:

Class Sample Video:


Enrichment is incorporated in your full class experience!

Meet your Four Fold Enrichment teachers!

Handwork With Ms. Maggie


During the 3rd grade year as the child begins the nine-year change, crochet is introduced to build dexterity in the dominant hand. Our first lessons will be to make journals to write all of the patterns in, dye wool with natural plant dyes, wind the wool, and make a crochet hook. Basic crochet stitches will be introduced as the children learn to crochet practical items such as a mug mat and a belt made with braided crochet cords. Crocheting in the round and changing colors will be taught as the children choose two colors, one dark and one light, to crochet a striped pattern that moves from dark at the bottom to light at the opening of the top of a crochet felted water bottle carrier. Weaving in the shelter studies of the Waldorf curriculum during the 3rd grade year, we will crochet a shelter for the head, a hat. Following along with the main lesson topic of farming and clothing, we will learn about wool, where it comes from, and how to wash and card a fleece. Spinning will be introduced through story while the children learn spinning techniques. The yarn they spin will be used in a practical weaving project.


Eurythmy Inspired Movement With Ms. Tiffany



 The theme of the third grade is "Inner Life Expressed Outwardly." We will follow this theme with specific spatial movements and arm gestures. We will learn letter gestures as the secret code they are! Our basic form walking will begin to change and transform. We also work with rhythm, beat, and the awareness of rise and fall of pitch. Copper rod exercises consist of basic principles learned in previous years, as well as, intermediate rod exercises.

American Sign Language with Ms. Rebecca


Old testament stories, knot tying, farming and fishing will be the main themes of this year. A main focus will be able to sequence stories in American Sign Language.

Music with Mr. Mark



Class Description Coming Soon!

Class 3 Live Zoom Times

Track 1: 
Class Zoom: Wednesday 8am PST
Enrichment: Thursday 8am PST
Parent Zoom: Monday 8am or 9am PST
Track 2 
Class Zoom: Wednesday 10am PST
Enrichment: Thursday 9am PST
Parent Zoom: Monday 8am or 9am PST
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Family Testimonial 

 "We had to pull our children out of the progressive school we have been in for seven years due to Covid and were feeling unmoored, stressed and sad.  When we found Seasons of Seven, we felt as if an enormous weight had been lifted from our shoulders.  Our youngest daughter is thriving in Mr. Siepker's class.  He brings joy, warmth, humor and grace to every lesson. My child is eager every morning to begin our day, and I find myself smiling right along with her.  I am a working parent, but I am able to balance my daughter's education with my own work responsibilities, thanks to this incredible school. We enjoy not only the lessons, but also the festival celebrations, handwork, and community.  Mr. Siepker is shepherding not only his students, but also their parents. I truly enjoy watching Melisa's videos each week and look forward to every school meeting or masterclass. While we may have found you because of Covid, I believe we will be with you for much longer.

May this school grow and thrive so that homeschooling families and those without access to a Waldorf school can find nourishment in the beautiful practice of Steiner education.  My sincere thanks to all of you, Melanie, Nicole, Melisa, all of the teachers and every family in our school." ~ Gina

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