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High School Grade Descriptions:


9th Grade:

English: In 9th Grade English, the students read a variety of genres including poetry, short stories, essays and novels in the main lessons, American Literature and  the Novel.  They practice speech recitation and drama games and study several plays in the Comedy and Tragedy block.  Writing essays and creative work is supported by the study of grammar and vocabulary throughout the year. 

History: In 9th Grade History, there is the study of change through social, political and cultural actions in the Revolutions block.  In the History of Art course, there is an overview of the change of human consciousness in the expression of art. Students learn about the stories of the indigenous people in the main lesson on Native American History. 

Math: The focus of the 9th grade math curriculum is Algebra, the main language used in mathematics and science.  Being able to use Algebra will help students to understand more about the world by strengthening their ability to think abstractly. To learn the language of algebra necessitates building on mathematical skills, as well as learning how to persevere when things are not clear.  Additionally, students will revisit the Platonic Solids in the Descriptive Geometry main lesson, learning to see and move them in new ways.  We will also explore different combinations and permutations, as well as looking at how to calculate the odds of something occurring, in the Possibility and Probability Main Lesson. 

Science: The sciences in high school encompasses four streams - physics, chemistry, life sciences and earth sciences. The study of different sciences will be a combination of hands-on experiments, demos, study of scientific articles, writing science papers and individual projects. In organic chemistry, students will study sugars, carbohydrates, alcohols and acids. This topic could then open up a discussion on alcohol abuse and addiction. In earth sciences, grade 9 students will delve into earth’s history, continental drift, glaciation and erosion. In Life sciences, we start with sense organs and it's ramifications on cultural issues. We study the rhythmic system and subsequent ethical / rights issues.  Physics of engines will be studied by introducing the students to study of heat, temperature, laws of thermodynamics.

Eurythmy Inspired Movement: The theme of the ninth grade is “Dynamics, Dionysus, Polar Opposites", and we will explore this by connecting movement and gestures to their most intimate feelings. We work with dramatic soul gestures and specific concentrated exercises. For tone, we will work with intervals, harmonies, and tone gestures, as well as, gravity and levity through raying and streaming. For copper rods we will learn to master and properly execute advanced copper rod exercises and put together a copper rod “piece.”

American Sign Language: In grade 9 we open up our discussions with thinking about the Deaf culture. We look at various controversies such as oralism versus total communication. Cued speech versus ASL only. We look at various technologies used in the Deaf community and translating text and words into ASL. Students will learn ASL through various perspectives related to the Deaf world. They will also learn ordinal and cardinal numbers and discover who Alexander Graham Bell is in the D/deaf community.

Handwork: The main focus of handwork in Class 9 is the ancient craft of basketry. We will begin the year by exploring the history of basket weaving and how baskets have been essential since the beginning of human civilization. Students will learn different weaving techniques and use materials from nature to weave several styles of baskets.

Music: In Music Class 9 we use singing games, dancing games, and sing-alongs to create music together. We explore physically the steady beat, how the beat relates to rhythm, and how beat and rhythm relate to melody in a naturally organic progression. The material we use incorporates aspects of the students’ Main Lesson blocks. Emphasis is on creative expression and musical exploration, where everyone participates together in the creation of beautiful music. Rythmic and Melodic Notation are explored in a fun, organic way that relates to the Feeling Life of the music rather than the Intellectual, and we will compose our own songs. We incporporate Intermediate Recorder into our musical explorations (many students have already been playing recorder at this age, and I take that into account as I incorporate complete beginners with those who have some recorder skills, so that we can all progress together). We will also, a little later in the year, introduce Beginning Ukelele!


10th Grade:

English: In Tenth Grade English, students study the history of the English language and poetry and write their own poetry in the Poetry block.  They also do a close study of Homer's epic poem, The Odyssey. In the Environmental Literature main lesson, they read a variety of nature writing and respond in reflections, essays and creative work.

History: In Tenth Grade History there are the main lessons on Ancient Civilizations and World Religions and  the study of Africa and the Middle East.  The course on Civics, Government and Human Rights considers Constitutional Law and the rights and responsibilities of each member of society.  The students will learn how to write a history research paper.

Math: The 10th grade math curriculum explores topics in Geometry, such as circle geometry and proofs, as well as certain areas of Trigonometry.  The goal of the track class is to build vocabulary and skills in Geometry, to cultivate our interest in mathematics, and to come to appreciate the beauty and wonder of Geometry.  This requires a ruler, a protractor, a compass, an open mind.  In Main Lessons, we will take a deeper dive into the mysteries of Greek Geometry, learn to see the triangle in new ways, and consider the relationship of music and math.

Science: The sciences in high school encompasses four streams - physics, chemistry, life sciences and earth sciences. The study of different sciences will be a combination of hands-on experiments, demos, study of scientific articles, writing science papers and individual projects. Grade 10 chemistry involves study of salts by crystallization, by its effect on water culminating in making soap. We will study acids by making it, by studying its effect on various materials and by acid-base neutralization. Grade 10 earth sciences involves study of inner structure of earth, study of water flow, ocean currents, interplay between climate and vegetation. In grade 10, we will discuss the metabolic system which will include nutrition and food. Other systems such as skeletal, nervous, hormonal and embryology may be included if there is sufficient time. Grade 10 physics will primarily involve study of mechanics by the study of free fall, oscillating movement, circular movement.

Eurythmy Inspired Movement: The theme for first grade is “Discovery.” In this class we use eurythmy gestures through seasonal storytelling and imagination which help in the discovery and building of the will-forces. Along with contraction and expansion, polar contrasts, and rhythmical principles, we will also work with geometric forms and basic copper rod exercises and activities.

American Sign language: Grade 10 students will learn American Sign Language through gardening and personal stories of those that are D/deaf and hard of hearing. They will also spend time learning to have voice inflection, correct body and facial movements to match proper vocabulary from their main lessons and non-manual markers. Grade 10 students will work to master ASL syntax this year. 

Handwork: We will begin the child’s handwork journey by exploring raw wool, where it comes from, and how it is spun into yarn. We will dye wool with natural plant dyes and learn the meditative process of winding wool. The children will make knitting needles, hear a knitting story, and verses while learning to cast on and knit a gnome for the nature table. Next, color theory will be introduced as the children choose two colors, one dark and one light, to knit a striped pattern that moves from dark at the bottom to light at the opening of a flute case. The children will continue practicing color change while knitting with the colors of the rainbow to create a rainbow ball. This will introduce them to basic sewing and stuffing techniques, as well as helping them to keep track of rows by counting by twos. In the spring, the children will advance their knitting skills, learning to shape animals by casting on and off in the middle of the knitted piece. All of these activities will be a wonderful introduction to knitting and help stimulate the child’s mental development and awaken their tactile sense through use of natural fibers.

Music: Description coming soon!


11th Grade:

English: In Eleventh Grade English, the students read the great works of Dante’s Inferno, von Eschenbach’s Parzival and Shakespeare’s Hamlet and practice writing with clarity and expression. The study of vocabulary and  preparation for the college essay will be included in the coursework.

History: In Eleventh Grade History, the students cover the evolution of human consciousness through music in the main lesson, the History of Music. In the History of the United States I and II, there are stories from pre-colonization to modern times that have changed the natural landscape and a society based on the ideals of “We the People.”

Math: The 11th grade math curriculum serves to deepen the students’ understanding of Algebra and Trigonometry, and to bring those topics into relationship with Geometry.  Algebra II and Trigonometry provide a gateway to the connection between math and science, and help to lay the foundations for Pre-calculus and the introduction to Calculus in 12th grade.  Additionally, we will explore the history of modern mathematical and philosophical thinking in the Descartes Main Lesson, and push the boundaries of Geometry to infinity in the Projective Geometry Main Lesson.

Science: The sciences in high school encompasses four streams - physics, chemistry, life sciences and earth sciences. The study of different sciences will be a combination of hands-on experiments, demos, study of scientific articles, writing science papers and individual projects. Grade 11 chemistry involves atomic chemistry where the students will be introduced to Laws of conservation of mass, gas laws, Avogadros number, Periodic table, radioactivity. This would then lead to open discussion on moral, socio-economic and environmental effects of nuclear power. We will study some biographies as well. Grade 11 earth sciences involves study of mineral wealth, world trade and its effect in wealth distribution across the world and finally the impact on ecology. Grade 11 life sciences involves study of plant cell, plant-insect relationships, history of microscopy, classification, ecology. For Grade 11 physics, we will perform experiments to study static electricity, magnetism and will build a motor.

Eurythmy Inspired Movement: The theme of the eleventh grade is “Individual Quest.” We begin this individual quest by working with the 4 main Zodiac, colors, continuation of planetary gestures and activities, and vowels and diphthongs. For tonal work, tone eurythmy intervals and the gestures that accompany them are introduced. All other tone work is a continuation of previous learned fundamentals except with more complex music and forms. For copper rods we will learn to master and properly execute advanced copper rod exercises and put together a copper rod “piece.”

American Sign Language: Our main focus in grade 11 will be in expressive and receptive skills in American Sign Language. Being able to clearly express themselves in American Sign Language, and how to use what they know to fully understand what is being said back to them. Grade 11 students will work to master receptive fingerspelling skills. They will learn American Sign Language vocabulary through various methods including watching performances done in American Sign Language. Vocabulary will come from their main lessons.

Handwork: Description coming soon!

Music: Description coming soon!


12th Grade:

English: In Twelfth Grade English, there are the main lessons on the Transcendentalists, Russian Literature and Modern Literature; the students can hear some literary voices of the 19th and 20th centuries on the topics of politics, modern society and the individual.

History: In Twelfth Grade History, the students learn to observe the events of modern history and to study the history of China and the Far East.  In the Economics course, they read a selection of economic philosophies and explore how to create a business plan. 

Math: The 12th grade math curriculum explores the concepts and skills needed to understand Pre-calculus and be prepared to continue into Calculus, including statistics, sequences and series, and advanced Trigonometry.  Additionally, we will have a Main Lesson called “Adventures in Math”, that explores some interesting math topics that are outside the traditional high school curriculum, such as logic, Chaos Theory and Euler Circuits.  Finally, we will explore some of the philosophical underpinnings of math, using the work of Bertrand Russel as a starting point, in the Philosophy of Math Main Lesson.

Science:  The sciences in high school encompasses four streams - physics, chemistry, life sciences and earth sciences. The study of different sciences will be a combination of hands-on experiments, demos, study of scientific articles, writing science papers and individual projects. The primary topic in chemistry for grade 12 is biochemistry. We will learn about DNA, proteins, enzymes, different kinds of fats - saturated and unsaturated. Grade 12 students are on the cusp of joining the world as contributing individuals and the earth science topics border humanities in that they will discuss how humans affect planet earth and beyond. For instance, climate change, population change, emergence of Homo Sapiens, origins of language, etc. In Grade 12 we will introduce genetics starting from Mendel’s experiments to topics such as Chromosomes, genes, DNA, etc. For Grade 12 physics , we will study light: refraction, reflection, lenses, prism, mirror and rainbow physics. This could potentially lead to introduction to astronomy as well.

Eurythmy Inspired Movement: The theme of the twelfth grade is “Movement in Time". Another theme is “Personal Space.” We work with both of these themes by exploring deeper work with the Zodiac and cosmic measure as well as applied eurythmy. For tonal work, tone eurythmy intervals and the gestures that accompany them are introduced. All other tone work is a continuation of previous learned fundamentals except with more complex music and forms. For copper rods we will learn to master and properly execute advanced copper rod exercises and put together a copper rod “piece.”

American Sign Language: Grade 12 students will focus on understanding Deaf schools throughout the USA and the world. They will learn how Deaf and hearing babies learn American Sign Language. Understanding what native signers are and a native cuer. They will have the opportunity to explore and experience the Deaf world. We will discuss D/deaf and hard of hearing access rights such as closed captioning, cued speech transliteration, service animals and interpreters. We will discuss controversies in the Deaf community such as cochlear implants and mainstreaming children. In the spring, Grade 12 students will have an opportunity to delve into a topic of interest to them and share some of what they have learned in American Sign Language. The vocabulary for this class will come from their main lessons.

Handwork: Description coming soon!

Music: Description coming soon!

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Meet Your High School Teachers!

Literature and History with Ms. Ellen Cimino


My name is Ellen Cimino, and I am happy to join the community of the Seasons of Seven Virtual School. As a high school teacher, I strive to bring the beauty of language and the drama of history to my students in a way that inspires them to explore the stories of life around them. Young people yearn for truth within themselves and the world. I hope to be a guide and mentor for them as they bravely step into the world of the 21st century. 

My own studies began at the University of the South, and I graduated with a BA in Comparative Literature. Following this I took graduate classes in English Literature at Auburn University and then completed an MAT in German at Middle Tennessee State University. Later I graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Masters in International Affairs. 

As a young mother, I homeschooled my four children for six years and then decided to become a high school teacher. During my eighteen years as a public high school teacher in Georgia, I taught English literature, German and ESL. About twelve years ago I decided to become a Waldorf teacher, and pursued my studies in history and English at the Center for Anthroposophy in Wilton, New Hampshire. I had the opportunity to teach high school humanities at the Waldorf School of the Peninsula in California and at the Steiner School in New York City; for the past five years I taught middle school students at the Waldorf School of Garden City in New York. 

An important part of my life has been working as a volunteer. In Atlanta I served as an event host with The Carter Center, and I helped to welcome international students to Georgia as a member of the Georgia Fulbright Association Board. I also worked as an interpreter and assistant to refugees with the refugee resettlement organization, World Relief. Over the years I have encouraged my students to be engaged in volunteer work with different environmental and community organizations. 

In my free time I enjoy birding, hiking, wandering, yoga, painting, singing and going to plays, museums, the opera and the symphony. The natural world has given me a lifetime of discovery and beauty in my experiences of the redwoods and shores of California, the beaches and grasslands of Long Island, New York and the hills and coastal islands of Georgia. 

I am excited to begin this new adventure with the Seasons of Seven families. I feel very lucky and honored to work with high school students in this new platform and am committed to bringing creativity and wonder to our work. 

Math with Mr. Steven Crimy


Steven Crimy received his B.A. in Political Science and M.A. in Teaching from Boston College, and was working on a Master’s degree in History at the University of Maryland, when he decided to move with his girlfriend (now wife) to California, where he first encountered Waldorf Education.  He completed his Waldorf High School Teacher Training at Rudolf Steiner College, and has been teaching Math and Humanities in Waldorf Middle and High Schools for over 20 years.  He is very excited to be joining Seasons of Seven to teach the math curriculum in the High School.  Steven is interested in pursuing the innovations that Waldorf Education needs to remain relevant in the 21st century, including developing new teaching methods and modalities, and making Waldorf education accessible to as large and diverse a population as possible.  

In addition to his teaching, Steven has led field trips to New York City many times over the years, and hopes to pursue a New York City Tour Guide certification in the near future.  Steven also enjoys film photography with very old cameras, maintaining his baseball card collection, and avidly supporting his favorite Premier League soccer club, Aston Villa.  He lives in Vermont, U.S.A with his wife and their four cats.

Science with Ms. Vidhya Aravamuthan


My name is Vidhya Aravamuthan. I homeschool my children and I teach at the Seasons of Seven Virtual school. I received K-8 Waldorf teacher training from Waldorf institute of Southern California. I hold a Masters in Engineering Science and Bioengineering. I am trained in Indian Classical vocal music. I love to tell stories, sing, cook, read, travel and ponder about life's mysteries. And, I love to find newer and newer ways to share what I love to do.  

Teaching children in a holistic way - to their head, heart and hands is very satisfying to me. Children of today are our future. Hence, I believe my life energy is well spent when I can do my little part of nourishing the thinking, feeling and willing spheres of the child. We do this in waldorf education by a well thought out curriculum, by seamlessly bringing in art, music, movement, handwork along with the curriculum and, by strengthening the relationship between the teacher and the student.

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Enrichment is incorporated in your full class experience!

Meet your Four Fold Enrichment teachers!

Handwork With Ms. Maggie


  Margaret and her family live in Holland, Michigan along the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan where they love hiking and spending time at the beach. She has been homeschooling her three children for several years, using the Waldorf philosophy. Margaret's passion for handwork and fiber arts was instilled in her at a young age when her grandmother taught her to knit and crochet. She has since always had a project in hand. In 2014, Margaret began making Waldorf dolls and as the owner of Poppenhuis she now writes patterns and tutorials to teach others to make dolls. Margaret has attended Taproot Teacher Trainings and completed Waldorf Essentials Training Courses. As handwork teacher, Margaret hopes to spark a passion for handwork in children and inspire them to create beautiful works of art. 


Eurythmy Inspired Movement With Ms. Tiffany


Hello and warm greetings from South Carolina in the Unites States! My name is Tiffany Conary. I am a Waldorf homeschooling mom of seven. Two of my children are grown and left the nest, four are currently being homeschooled, and one is preschool age, but keeping up with everything her brothers and sisters are doing! I am going to be the Movement Teacher this year for Seasons of Seven. I am very excited and so eager to get to know every one of my students and their families. For the past 4 years I have been doing eurythmy movement, with multiple ages and stages, in my homeschool co-op group. This is something I enjoy doing immensely! It is interesting to see what works and what doesn’t at each stage of life. I am currently working on a clear and understandable homeschool eurythmy curriculum since there is a great need for eurythmy in the home. Waldorf education is beautiful and wonderful but would not be complete without eurythmy. That is why I feel it is my call to bring eurythmy to as many homeschooling families as I possibly can.  Seasons of Seven is a lovely way to provide a Waldorf education to those wanting to stay at home. YOU too should have the opportunity to do the engaging art of eurythmy as well. I am so excited to work with the younger ones and get those little bodies moving in a way that will encourage their speech process, prepare them for reading and writing, and connect their physical and etheric bodies! I am equally excited to work with the older ones to help them feel comfortable in their bodies, express the feelings they cannot with words, and to bring them into the thinking stage of life. I look forward to this year and look forward to working with you!

American Sign Language with Ms. Rebecca


Hello to you wherever you are in this enchanting world!

My name is Mrs. Rebecca, and I am a homeschooling mother of two children in kindergarten and first grade. I have a deep-set love of nature and the outdoors and try and bring this magic to as many American Sign Language (ASL) classes as I can. My family and I live in the wondrous and majestic country of Alaska, USA. By day I homeschool my two children, mid-day I train with the search and rescue team with my dog Sherlock, and in the evening, I am here available to you.

Some of my favorite things outside of family and hiking are: eating ice cream sundaes, jokes, playing card games such as blink and learning to work a farm.  As you attend my class learning stories, poems, alliterations, and songs, I hope you can feel the excitement of learning ASL.  It's a beautiful language, and one that can open many doors to seeing the world from a different perspective. The soundless world is not silent! 

I went to school at Johnson State College in Vermont, USA. I graduated with a bachelors in education and a second bachelors in psychology. I also have a TESOL (teaching English as a second language) 120-hour certificate. I have taught ASL since 2009, and have been an English as a second or other language instructor for the last 4 years. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know what your favorite things are!

Music with Mr. Mark



Hello! I’m Mark, and teaching music is one of my favorite things. I’ve been a professional performer (singer, musician, actor...) for most of my life. Still am. But around twenty-some years ago, when my own kids were little, I began to be interested in sharing my creative spark in a different way: through teaching. And I found such joy in sharing that spark that to this day it continues to burn bright. I am a certified Orff-Schulwerk music educator. I’m Waldorf trained -- my own kids were homeschooled Waldorf-style and went on to Waldorf schools -- and I spent several years as a Waldorf Kindy Teacher and then a Class Teacher for grades 5-6. I’ve taught music, acting, improvisation, Shakespeare, dramatic literature and more, to humans of all ages, from toddlers to octogenarians. (So ok, technically I guess that’s “most ages” not “all ages”... but you get the idea ....) I’m excitedly looking forward to meeting all of the Seasons of Seven families.

Work Samples:

Class 9

  • Class Zoom Monday and Wednesday 9am PST
  • Enrichment Wednesday 8am PST
  • Math Zoom Tuesday and Thursday 9am PST

Class 10

  • Class Zoom Monday and Wednesday 10am PST
  • Enrichment Monday 8am PST
  • Math Zoom Tuesday and Thursday 10am PST

Class 11

  • Class Zoom Tuesday and Thursday 11am PST
  • Enrichment Wednesday 8am PST
  • Math Zoom Monday and Wednesday 11am PST

Class 12

  • Class Zoom Tuesday and Thursday 12pm PST
  • Enrichment Thursday 8am PST
  • Math Zoom Monday and Wednesday 12pm PST



Family Testimonial 

"Thank you so much for your dedication, your creativity, and for the passion you demonstrate in teaching. Your patience, encouragement and acceptance of each one of your students shines through in your work and has a deep impact on the development of their sense of self. You are a truly amazing educator. We are so grateful to have you as our teacher! You have helped transform, what initially seemed an intimidating experience, into the best decision we made for Luna. I can’t express how incredibly helpful it has been to have your support in this homeschooling journey. We look forward to all that is to come!" ~Laura. E

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